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Video: The Perfect Message To Send That One Friend Who's Still Posting Themselves Out In Big Crowds

Coronavirus shaming has gotten a little out of hand in some ways.. 

Quick example: I've posted a couple clips while outside getting fresh air & got DMs from strangers telling me I was a hypocrite and 'a spreader'. (Side note - I HATE the term 'spreader'. It gives me the heebie-jeebies like 'moist', 'smear' and 'curd'.) You're allowed outside, I promise. 

The latest guidance from the White House says to,

"...avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 people; to avoid discretionary [non-essential] travel, shopping trips, or social visits; and not to go out to restaurants or bars."

It does not say to stay shuttered up in your room with zero human contact or daylight for the next several months.

BUT with everything we know now as we've watched it wreak havoc in other countries (Italy had 475 Coronavirus deaths just yesterday), there are times where folks deserve a little shame. And I know a lot of us have at least one friend who's still posting from a crowded party or out with big groups in an almost defiant 'Whatever, look at me, I'm not scared of that stupid virus' way. 

If you have that person in your life, text them the link to this Instagram video by writer/producer Nick Lehmann. It's a delight that catches you off guard & gives you a reality-slap through the phone. It says what everyone wants to say but feels like they can't:

And if you haven't already listened to today's Pardon My Take & their interview with one of the world's leading virus experts, Dr. Anthony Fauci, I highly recommend you do. Not only was it interesting & understandable, but I actually felt better after hearing it. Dr. Fauci's info cleared up literally every question/concern/rumor I've been thinking about. (Starts at 47:18 in their episode.)


PS. Don't forget it's your day to take out the trash tomorrow.