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Recapping Week 7 of The Masked Singer

The world is a much different place since last week's episode of The Masked Singer. No sports. No bars. No hope. How do we pass the time? We watch this show. Welcome to my world. 

The Astronaut

Panelist Picks: Donald Glover, Corey Feldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

My Pick: This is Hunter Hayes. Not wasting my precious time discussing it because I'm right and you all have to accept it. 

The Night Angel

Panelist Picks: Regina King, Jessica Simpson, Taraji P. Henson. 

My Pick: I've had a few people in my DMs about this person saying this is Monica. It's not. It's Kandi Burruss.


Panelist Picks: Lily Singh, Liza Koshy, Mikaela Shiffrin. 

My Pick: Jojo Siwa has SO much energy. How does she do it? Oh yeah, she's 17. 


Panelist Picks: Mila Kunis, Kristen Stewart, Kristen Bell, Sandra Bullock.

My Pick: I just have no idea who this could possibly be. Literally no idea. Last week I said Bella Thorne so I'll stick with Bell Thorne. 


Panelist Picks: Tim Tebow, Chris Pratt, Ryan Lochte.

My Pick: I asked Twitter because I'm stumped. Y'all responded with Marshawn Lynch, James Vanderbeek, and Tyler Hubbard. Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line is an EXCELLENT guest and I'm on board. 


The Swan was sent home which didn't surprise me much because she's just not that great. After last week's big Sarah Palin reveal the Swan could be ANYONE. 

4 WEEKS IN A ROW OF BEING RIGHT. I'M ON A MF ROLL! Even though I wasn't extremely confident in my Bella Thorne pick it was the right pick and that's what matters. If I'm correct 5 weeks in a row can someone please give me an award? See y'all next week.