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Never Needed Anything More Than This: Adam Silver Wants To Organize A NBA Charity Game While Everyone Is Quarantined

Oh, fuck yes. I don't like to use exaggeration so I'm not going to, but this is one of the most important things that can happen for me, you and America right now. Obviously, we have more serious issues here, but give me something just to break up this quarantine and nothing on television. I need it. 

Here's what we really need to do though. Make this like the All-Star Game, but true playground style. No more draft htat's taped with just the captains. We're picking teams either by shooting for captains/shooting for teams or we're declaring the two captains and having them pick right then and there. I want to see James Harden upset when Giannis passes on him again. 

You're telling me, even if you say you hate the NBA and today's NBA, you're not tuning into this? You're not going to watch right now when there are no other sports currently on our television. Plus everything going to charity? That's a win-win-win according to Michael Scott. Yes, I understand we need to make sure everyone is healthy. But if they are in, then I've never been more in for something in my life. 

Oh and no clock either. We'll go playground style or the Elam Ending. No winning a game on a free throw either. But give me the All-Star Game roster. Just start with that and then start calling people off the list if someone says no. You're telling me you wouldn't tune into the fourth quarter of the All-Star Game again? You're a liar. 

Goddamnit I miss basketball.