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How Can You Go Food Shopping While Social Distancing From Everyone? Become a T-Rex

We're all out here trying to find some life hacks for social distancing. We need to go to the grocery store at some point when our food supply runs out, whether that be tomorrow, next week, or next month. So how can we avoid coming into contact with coronavirus while we're out and about with the rest of the citizens in our infected city? You could take this man's advice from Italy who built a social distance machine. He will be one of the survivors. 

Or you could become a dinosaur. If you dress up as a tyrannosaurus rex and head to your local stop and shop you will increase your chances of avoiding contact with any infected human. We need people with this kind of thinking making important decisions in today's world. The only flaw here is that he can't get anything that is on the top shelf. Goddam T-Rex arms are a bitch. Maybe a velociraptor is the move. 

TLDR: We should all become dinosaurs. That's how we'll beat this thing.