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Adrian Peterson Admitted To Smoking Weed And Has Now Failed A Drug Test That He Hasn't Even Actually Failed

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Fucking AP. Guy can’t get out of his own way. “Yes I beat my child, but as a teaching lesson.” “Yes I smoked a marijuana, but only a little.” “Yes I fucked a bunch of whores, but I put that on my own credit card and I don’t even think there were enough people there for it to count as an orgy.” Jesus, Adrian! Have you ever heard of a law book? It’s filled with all kinds of things you can’t do, no matter what the reason. Beating your kid, smoking weed and fucking prostitutes are all like really early in the book. They’re not in the back with all the obscure shit, they’re quite prominent. Take a look at that before you go spouting off to a piss test analyst that you’re high as a kite.



PS – Ever had to take a piss test when you know your piss is dirty? Most stressful shit ever. I worked on a boat one summer and the Coast Guard randomly tested us whenever they wanted. I’d smoked a little weed the night before and somehow still came back clean. That’s why AP is a fucking moron. Just deny, deny, deny and see what happens.