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Bored? Watch Every Episode of Stool Slang (Plus An Episode 6 Teaser)

When I got to Barstool, there were a ton of things I had to catch up on. Little inside jokes, backstories, beef, and vernacular. Like I am most of the time, I was dazed and confused about what was happening around me. 

It occurred to me that I might not be the only one who hadn't been along for the Barstool ride since the old days. Maybe I could learn about iconic moments and phrases that permeate the walls of HQ and also introduce newer Stoolies to these things as well. 

It's been a blast so far and we'll work to keep it going even through COVID. 

The final episode of "Season" 1, looks at a term of endearment at Barstool; "Weird Brain". I will be out next Monday at 1pm. 

CHECK out every Stool Slang episode below: 

Episode 1: You Hate To See It

Episode 2: HARDOOO 

Episode 3: Go Pres Go

Episode 4: Ball Don't Lie

Episode 5: Midas Whale