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Mike Vick Admits He's Pretty Much On The Jets Just To Cash A Check

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(Source)Why didn’t Michael Vick look very good last weekend when he was forced into action in the second half of a game against the Chargers? Was it because the Jets don’t have enough talent surrounding him to be successful, as his brother Marcus Vick suggested, or was it because he didn’t prepare well enough in the week leading up to the game? Truthfully, it’s probably a bit of both. But yesterday, Vick basically admitted that he wasn’t 100 percent prepared to play on Sunday. “I felt like I, for some reason, being a quarterback in his 12th year, sometimes you take things for granted,” he told ESPN New York. “I think I took the scout team for granted…Maybe I didn’t prepare or I wasn’t prepared, but let me tell you, it won’t happen again.”




Saw this shit on the way to work this morning and laughed out loud in the car. Fucking Mike Vick backs up Geno Smith and doesn’t even bother studying game tape or taking reps in practice. As if there’s no POSSIBLE way Geno Smith could ever be pulled from a game. Why waste time learning the playbook and working on conditioning/timing with receivers and all that other bullshit? Future Hall of Famer Geno Smith is captaining this ship and there’s literally no chance he could mess it up. That’s exactly how everyone thinks at the office though. Just grinding it out every week until pay day, “Well whatever there are a bunch of people ahead of me who are ‘in charge’ so I won’t even get in trouble. I’ll just keep my head down and keep cashing these checks.” Hey I’d do the same. Jets dumb enough to give me 4 million guaranteed? Yeah, I’ll stay on the sidelines all season thank you very much. No sense in getting tackled for absolutely no reason on Sunday afternoon for a team that’s not going anywhere.




PS – I loved the Bomani tweet too. Like Vick is calling Matt Simms in to take reps because he’s just not in the mood. Simms is like “Oh no, Mike. I’m on the practice squad. First team is still out there” and Vick just says “Yeah yeah whatever kid, go take my snaps. I’m gonna go watch Netflix on one of those Microsoft Surfaces, yell to me if the boss is coming.”