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TikTok Mondays


I really hope KB doesn't see this, because it may loop in his brain every time he has an intimate conversation for the rest of his life. 


The fact that the gf did the ass slap AND took the "What up dog I'm the alpha line" means you KNOW she walks this dude around on a spiked leather leash at home. Speaking of which, any of you lady skype doms looking for a skype sub, my DMs are open and waiting. 


What do you think happened to Jimbo? 


A man wearing both a shirt and jeans 2 size too big has NOTHING to lose and should not be fucked with. Also. I honestly can not figure out what room in the house this is. The furniture suggest a living room but the mounted TV suggest bedroom? Somebody help me. Also, is that an American Girl doll in the background??? 


Extremely me talking to the first rotisserie chicken I eat after quarantine. 


There is a LOT of stuff to digest with this one. The FUPA curl is obviously gross, but what is going on in the rest of this house? Why do they have a 4-pannell security system but seemingly live in a motor home? I really would like to know what's going on. 


Which is being poisoned more? The disgusting creek water by the cooch juice? Or the cooch by the disgusting creek water? This will remain one of life's great mysteries.