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Lowering The Bar - All The Episodes

Here is every single episode of Lowering The Bar in one place. Each episode features Barstool employees, comedians, athletes, medal of honor recipients, and even porn stars. In my unbiased opinion every episode is great, but if you're new and looking for a place to start ... 

  • Fan Favorite: Thick Water featuring Lisa Ann - a porn star teaches us how to guzzle down a thick substance. 
  • Most Fun to Film: What's in the Box? - The fear is real, and the LTB team (Colin Cooper and myself) stay undefeated on set              design.
  • Most Underrated: Pregnancy simulator. People let me shock them to simulate labor pain.  (Congrats Willie, Coley, Brandon         Newman on newborns since the episode was filmed) 
  • Hardest to film: Century Eggs and Durian are both up there. HORRIBLE smells filled the office for Durian, and not to be a prisoner of the moment, but Century Eggs almost broke me.
  • Best Puke: Baijui Epiosde - Big Ev has a projectile vomit that a movie studio would spend $10 million attempting to recreate with CGI.