Scientists Confirm What Men Have Known Forever... The G-Spot Is Bullshit And Fake

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(Source)For years, women have often declared they can either orgasm through sex or foreplay. But new research suggests we may all have been wrong. For there is no such thing as a vaginal orgasm, a clitoral orgasm or even a G-spot, new research claims. Instead, the umbrella term ‘female orgasm’ should be used, the study authors argue. They maintain that like ‘male orgasm’, ‘female orgasm’ is the correct term. Historically, it was believed that women could orgasm through penetrative sex, and that G-spot, vaginal or clitoral orgasms were all different types of orgasm. But writing in the journal Clinical Anatomy, the authors say the majority of women worldwide do not have orgasms during penetrative sex. As a result, women have been labelled with sexual problems that are based on something that doesn’t exist: the vaginal orgasm.




HA! Take that, idiots. Chicks have been sending us on a Grail Quest for centuries. “Oh yeah there’s this magic button 6 miles up my vagina and if you can’t hit it just so then I guess you’re just a little dicked loser.” Couldn’t be more wrong, ladies. Whatever “G-spot induced vaginal orgasms” you feel are all made up in your head. Just like your migraines or that phantom girl you think I’ve been flirting with, it doesn’t exist. It’s fake. So stop telling me “yeah that’s the spot… right there… wait you lost it.” I never lost it because it was never there.




PS – I’m serious about that migraine bullshit. That’s as fake as a G-spot. Never in the history of ever has a guy rubbed his temple and said “OMG I have such a migraine.” We just call them headaches. Chicks need to make things so complicated. They have vaginal orgasms, G-spot orgasms, clitoral orgasms, assgasms. They have sinus headaches and migraines and stress headaches. Guys cum and have headaches. We keep it simple.