Feast Your Eyes On The Worst Tweet Imaginable About The Coronavirus

I fancy myself a pretty patient man. More of a boy than a man, to be fair, but a patient person with a penis, there's no doubt about that. There are very few things that can send me into a blind rage, I'm even keeled and pragmatic to a fault, basically it's only chewing with your mouth open and sending this exact tweet that can really get my goat. 

Flatout, I'm FURIOUS that I had to read this tweet so now I'm making you all do the same. It doesn't make sense on any level! It's the worst tweet I've ever seen! What's next, Tebowing cures corona? Planking works as a vaccine? I mean these are trying times, people, we as a society need everyone to be at their best. Doctors, politicians, tweeters, everyone needs to be bringing their A game and I just can't sit back and allow this.

The worst part? The replies! Folks find it funny! On the very same website where there are countless viral videos of society coming together and singing on porches, or stories of regular citizens doing what they can to help their fellow man and favorite small businesses, we have to tear down that dream that people are good simply because this tweet went viral and people found it entertaining. It's heartbreaking. We all need to be better.