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Chris Davis Blasted Three Homers, O's On the Verge Of A Season Sweep Of Pittsburgh

Just another Tuesday in May? Maybe so. But I’m going to take any chance I can to savor the upper hand against Pittsburgh. 3 bucco beatdowns this month and going for the 4th and final in the season series tonight. Not to mention back in first place. Life is good in Baltimore.

Crush teeing off thrice is bad bad news for the rest of the AL East. Davis hasn’t had the power output we’ve come to expect so far this season, but it looks like he’s headed in the right direction. He made a tweak to his swing before last night’s game, and I guess it paid off? If he can swing it anything like how he did in 2013 from here on out, they’re going to take the division. Those outside Baltimore don’t realize it yet, but that’s the truth. Machado, Jones, Davis, Cruz (in whatever order Buck writes in) is a murderer’s row that no pitcher wants to deal with. As long as the pitching staff doesn’t lay a complete egg, that’s the way this AL East cookie is going to crumble.


PS: Were all three of them no-doubters? I dunno, ask Manny


h/t MLB.com, thank you thank you thank you for the videos, super appreciated!