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I Need To Clarify Something: Just Because Tom Brady Probably Won’t End His Career As A Patriot Doesn’t Mean Everybody Suddenly Hates Each Other In the Locker Room


So I was driving home from the office yesterday listening to Felger and Maz talk about the Brady controversy. They were basically saying how Patriot fans were pointing towards Belichick praising Brady and Brady leading a chant in the lockeroom after beating the Bengals as proof that Felger and those of his ilk are just filthy muckrakers. Then he specifically cited a blog I wrote back in 2010 regarding Randy Moss leading a post game chant only to have him traded like 3 weeks later. The point obviously was that the ra-ra stuff didn’t mean anything. They went a step further to insinuate that the Patriots were purposely releasing this type of propaganda in an attempt to act like everything is hunky dory because it’s not.

Well let me clarify something right now. I don’t think Tom Brady will end his career in a Patriots uniform. I think it’s inevitable that at some point the Patriots will be ready to move on and Brady will want to keep playing. He’s basically already said that he wants to play forever. I’m sure Belichick will treat Brady just like he’s treated every single super star in the organization. When he thinks there are better options to help this team win and continue to win he’ll move one. I have no problem with that. That’s what I want to happen. Belichick is the greatest coach of all time. I do what Belichick tells me to do. I want the Patriots to be competing for Superbowls this year and for the next 20 years and that means I do what Belichick tells us to do.

But here is the part that is pissing me off about all these media reports. I’m sure Brady understands this as much as I do.. He’s too smart not to get it. I refuse to believe he “hates” all the coaches all of a sudden. I refuse to believe that everybody is not on the same page right now. If and when that time comes for Brady to leave I think it will be for the most part amicable. I don’t think there is some huge conspiracy theory where Belichick is trying to kick Brady out the door. Brady is a legend. Belichick is a legend. Brady is getting old. That’s just a fact. It’s natural for him to be looking to the future now and I’m sure he sees the writing on the wall to a degree. Maybe that’s where all this stems from? Brady casually mentioning he could see a scenario where he doesn’t retire a Patriot. But that time isn’t at hand and I don’t know why it’s such a big story. It’s basically like saying the sky is blue and then freaking out about the sky being blue. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are 100% on the same page right now and that page is about winning the superbowl this year. That’s all that matters. Do you job.