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7th Heaven Dad Admits To Being A Serial Child Molester



Obviously this guy is a lunatic and needs to be locked up without the key, but I’m kind of confused by this.  This confession was taped when he was in therapy? Is that even legal? I thought you could tell your therapist anything? You can talk about murder, child molestation, infidelity the works. It’s client/therapist privilege right? I guess not. Memo to myself. Never admit anything to anybody ever. Either way this begs the question of how many passes did this guy take at Biel? I mean if you’re a pervert and do pervert things and have Jessica Biel working with you on set then you must be hard 24/7.  Like I’m not a pervert (haha) and I’d pull the dick in the bottom of the popcorn tub move on Biel 1,000 out of a 1,000 times.

Relentless Molestation