Do People Know the Fappening Is Still Happening? Wait What's That Music? Oh No! Oh Yes! Here Comes The Big Show!!!



 The Fappening

Are people aware that the Fappening is still Happening? Because newsflash…it is. Alanna Blanchard was hacked. Some chick named Emily Didonato who is like the hottest chick I’ve ever seen naked was hacked. To be honest I’m not even sure how Spooky Ghost is deciding who gets hacked now. He’s got A listers, F Listers Z listers etc.. Everybody seems to be in play and there is no end in sight. He’s unstoppable. Hell Spooky Ghost even hacked Nick Hogan for some reason and the world got to see The Big Show’s ass. Tons of tits and ass and then the Big Show. Right up there with Verlander as the funniest pictures of the Fappening. Just never thought the Big Show would get caught up in this madness. Nobody is safe. Spooky Ghost still doing Spooky Ghost things.


PS – Why was this picture on Nick Hogan’s phone?   Weird city.