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SPORTS: Smitty Vs. Brandon F. Walker In NBA2K - What's The Spread? - LIVE NOW

Sports!  Kind of! Whatever, at least it's something you can possibly set your action to. Last time these two warriors of the sad haircut went at it on the court it was in WNBA2K, and BFW made this sound: 

How'd that game end up?  Well, Brandon's dog died midway through (true story), so you'd think he'd either drop the sticks to take care of his family, or use it as motivation to win.  He did neither.  

It was, indeed, a big win for the program.  Those girls played their hearts out.  But what about now?  Since then, BFW has been home with NBA2K for a solid week now avoiding the family.  He whooped up on Wendell Carter, Jr in 2K when the Bulls C stopped by Gametime, too.  I will admit I am not too proficient at life NBA2K20, so here lies the official line:

BFW - 4.5

Let's just hope it works out for BFW than it did at Jeoopardy!

May God have mercy on our quarantined souls.  We'll be live all day, so be sure to stick with us and let us know what you want to see.