It Appears The Demise of the Patriots Has Once Again Been Greatly Exagerrated




Demolition. Destruction. Domination.   Emasculation.  Humiliation.  That’s what happened tonight.   Just a complete and utter ass whipping of a team that many people were calling the best in the AFC.  It was never close.  It was never in doubt.   The Patriots took the Bengals behind the woodshed and beat them to a pulp.  They treated them like a god damn High School team.   More importantly games like these are why I never doubt this team.  Because as long as Belichick and Brady are here the road to the Superbowl will always go through New England.   Let all the critics and pundits who hate Belichick make shit up about the locker room and how this is a team in turmoil.  Let KFC say the AFC East is up for grabs.  It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last time.  But when push comes to shove the Patriots ALWAYS answer the bell.  You don’t win at least 10 games a year for a decade straight by accident.  That’s why Belichick has my blind support.  He’s never let me down and I don’t think he ever will.   We’re on to Cincinnati indeed.