Start Your Day With Chris Farley Crushing It On Letterman

This was actually Farley's second appearance on Letterman, you can watch the first here. Being a late night buff I used to obsess over these clips. Any time where Letterman seemed to legitimately enjoy doing the interview I would watch over and over again. Robin Williams did it for him. Farley. Tracy Morgan. Diddy was another one who he really liked as was Jack Black and Norm MacDonald. Then there were the contentious interviews where he really shined: Bill O'reilly, Joaquin Phoenix, anytime he talked about Leno. There was no one better at sitting behind the desk than David Letterman. The GOAT when it comes to late night hosts. It would've been interesting to see how he would've handled everything that's going on in the world today. Oh well. Have a great day, friends. Don't forget to wash your hands.