Wake Up With Barry Bonds Almost Hitting A Baseball To The Washington Monument

Pound for pound, this may be the best home run call ever. If you start the video right at 1:37 you'll see Livan Hernandez go into his windup and then you'll see Barry Lamar Bonds almost hit a baseball out of a stadium with 3 decks in it. This ball was absolutely pulverized, I mean it almost ended up in the reflecting pool near the Washington Monument. RFK was a massive ballpark, and Bonds put one where no one ever had before. You get called an idiot if you sit there and bring your glove, no way you're getting a souvenir. It's always amazing to watch him destroy baseballs, no one better than Barry. He seemed to take a slow route on this one, even gave someone a "shh" signal when he got near the dugout. Bet he made that guy feel foolish.