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I Hate This 8 Year Old That Makes 1.3 Million A Year Reviewing Toys on Youtube


Huffpo – Father-son projects are a great way to bond with your children, teach them life lessons, and, apparently, make millions of dollars. At least, that’s the case with EvanTubeHD, the adorably fun YouTube channel that an 8-year-old boy named Evan started with his dad three years ago. In his videos, Evan demonstrates and reviews the latest toys and video games for kids. His father Jared, who runs a photography and video production company, helps bring the reviews to life. With almost 750 million views, Evan is a certified YouTube star. And according to Business Insider, Evan earns $1.3 million a year from his toy review videos. Yes, that’s 1.3 MILLION dollars.


Hey kid…I hate you. It’s not your fault. You don’t know that you’re making 1.3 million a year reviewing toys on youtube. You don’t know how much money that is. You don’t know that you remind me of Jenna Marbles. You don’t know that if you’re making 1.3 million a year that means she’s making 100 million.  It’s not your fault that you don’t know how many Ball Don’t Lie shirts I need to sell to make that many internet dollars. None of that is your fault. Yet here you are with your smug little legoes making more money than 99.9% of America playing with toys.   I mean god damn I can’t even understand what the fuck you’re saying.   And spare me the sob story about losing your tooth.  Since when does that make you have a giant lisp?   How are you making 1.3 million dollars? “You’re untrained classically! Untrained contemporarily! You’re flat! You suck!  I don’t know what online voodoo or algorithm magic you’re using to get 58 million views on this crap, but it’s infuriating to me.