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Chick Pulled Over For Speeding in the HOV Lane And She's Got a Giant Teddy Bear Riding Shotgun




SOURCE – A woman from Washington was caught during the rush hour using the HOV lane with a giant stuffed Costco bear sitting in the front seat as her ‘passenger’. Washington State Patrol trooper Mark Francis says the woman was pulled initially for speeding as she was clocked going 74 in a 60-mile per hour zone. When the trooper approached the vehicle, they saw something else in the car. ‘As she rolls that window down, she sees it is a bear sitting in the front passenger seat,’ says Francis. The 19-year-old driver from Everett told authorities the bear wasn’t in the front seat to appear as a passenger. ‘According to her,’ said Francis, ‘there was not enough room in the back of her minivan to put the bear back there. That’s what she was doing with the bear in the front passenger seat.’ ‘She had a grand total of an $818 citation for speeding, no insurance and the HOV violation,’ said Francis.


So it worked then, right? She didn’t get pulled over because she was driving in the HOV lane with a giant teddy bear riding shotgun, she got pulled over for speeding (I take issue with saying 74 in a 60 is really speeding but whatever). So if she had just kept the velocity down a few more miles per hour the cops would have been none the wiser that she’s using a teddy bear to get those sweet carpool lane privileges?  Not really sure what the cops think is so goddamn funny about this situation, then. Congrats on catching the one person who’s dumber than you I guess? Keep up the awareness, guys.

As far as the girl, this has gotta be a big blow to her self-confidence. If you’re an attractive chick you’re probably getting out of tickets at something like an 85% clip under normal circumstances: flash a smile, maybe a little tit, and be on your merry way to doing whatever it is that hot girls do (yoga and brunch while constantly taking instas, I think). But if you get pulled over speeding with a teddy bear in the front seat in the HOV lane and you’re hot, there’s no way you get a ticket; the cop is gonna see that you’re clearly crazy and know that there’s a good chance you’ll fuck him on the spot if he lets you off with a warning. Seeing as how this girl ended up in the news and holding an $818 ticket, I’d say it was a pretty rough day for her. @EricBarstool