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Kate Upton's Husband, Justin Verlander, Out At Least 6 Weeks After Having Groin Surgery

Last we had heard from Justin Verlander was that he was going to miss some time with a lat strain, and now we find out the 2-time Cy Young winner, and noted cheating supporter is going to be out for at least 6 weeks. Good news for baseball fans is that he still won't miss the start of the season, whenever that may be. We know it'll be at least 8 weeks, but probably longer, so Verlander will have a good window to make it back in time to not miss any games. The Astros GM did mention that Verlander had a setback in his rehab and that is how he sustained the injury, have to wonder if he was overcompensating and that triggered the groin issue. In any other normal year, he'd miss a decent chunk of time, but not in this strange season. 

You have to wonder how the future Hall Of Famer will handle being home and quarantined while rehabbing this injury. The groin is not a great place to have surgery, he'll for sure have to have some assistance in getting the blood to flow back to the area. Wonder who could help him with that?

Pray for Justin Verlander during his difficult rehab.