Vanessa Hudgens Back Pedals Her "If They Die, They Die" Coronavirus Take, Says **We** Took Her Comments Out Of Context

Yesterday, Vanessa Hudgens gave us one of the hottest takes I've ever heard in my life while on Instagram Live. I highly recommend you watch it above. If you can't, here is the sparknotes: Coronavirus isn't that big of a deal, because death is inevitable anyways. Very nihilistic of her. However, don't put too much weight into her words, because we completely took them out of context!

I'd call this an apology, but it's not really one. She doesn't say anything remotely close to "sorry, I fucked up." Instead, she assures us that she is quarantined and that you should quarantine too. Thank you, Vanessa Hudgens! I saved my grandparents from getting COVID-19 after listening to your plea! 

If you're wondering what else Vanessa is up to:


Vanessa has apologized. 

Finding a way to get cancelled during quarantine is impressive.