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When You're A Nerdy Little White Boy Don't Be A Prick In Science Class Because You Will Get Knocked The Fuck Out



Brass balls on that white kid. Brasssss balls. The two things I would’ve done differently in this vid are 1. I would not throw anything at some big, ?uestlove looking dude. Especially not when I throw like a little girl. Because not only would that make him angry, my form would let him know that if he wants to end me it really won’t be all that difficult. The 2nd thing I’d do differently is once I hear someone yell “Yo record this shit” I would start running immediately. Wouldn’t go stand by the teacher, wouldn’t even stay in the same time zone. The second I heard that cameras were about to start rolling I’d head for the hills so I didn’t end up in a World Star video. Unfortunately, this little nerd is not as smart as I am.




PS – Do you think this Bill Cosby teacher even did anything or just looked back down at his worksheets and pretended he didn’t see it? Can’t blame him if it was the latter.


Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.32.12 AM