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Pats Vs. Chiefs "Even Gigantic 13 Year Old Andy Reid Couldn't Save The Chiefs Tonight" Live Blog




It’s so easy to love the Chiefs tonight. Catching 3 at home in arguably the toughest place to play in the AFC. The Patriots have looked pedestrian so far. We struggled with the Raiders last week. Yet despite all this we are a 3 pts road favorite? EXACTLY.  Vegas knows what I know. They know tat if there is one thing the Patriots have taught us over the years it’s that whenever people are whining about how bad we look that’s when we grab somebody by the throat and drag em out behind the woodshed. If I wasn’t a Pats fan I’d be all over KC, but I know better. This game may be over by halftime. This is the game everybody realizes the AFC East race is over and we just figure out whether we’re playing Dever, Baltimore or Cincy in the AFC title game.

Mortal Lock – Pats by 20