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Bruins Re-Sign Krug and Smith

Per a release from the team, the Bruins brought both Torey Krug and Reilly Smith back into the fold today when both players signed one-year deals for the same $1.4M cap hit. The signings take care of the team’s biggest off-season issue and for a very team-friendly price. The fact that the players essentially had no leverage certainly worked in the Bs favor. But the fact they both signed also indicates that the players just want to get back to playing hockey to chase the Stanley Cup.

Krug’s $1.4M salary will actually be $300K less than he made with last year’s bonus-laden deal. Smith gets a $500K bump from last year. Both players will be restricted free agents again after this season and can really make the Bs (or some other team) pay for their services

Once Marc Savard’s contract is put on Long-Term Injured Reserve (LTIR), the Bruins will be under the cap but only by a few hundred thousand. This means that the team will still be looking to shed salary before the season opens next week vs. the Flyers to giver them a little more flexibility.

But getting two important players back on the roster was a big deal and the team has fixed that problem.