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Don't Worry Everyone I Fixed The Patriots

Today was a dark day. Not just for Boston - for all of humanity. Social distancing. Big Roni. I think it was snowing when I woke up. Just a dreary, dreadful time to be alive. So, when times are glum I turn to my true Lord and Savior Marcus Smart. The lone shining beacon in this crud infested world in which we inhabit. I threw together a crude photoshop of Smarf donning a Patriots jersey and tweeted it out into the cosmos. Today, friends, the cosmos smiled back at me, if only for a brief instant.

Marcus agrees he very well could be the man for the job. Not only fixing our hole under center, but also filling in other areas on the field.

Of course a 6'4" point center would also play QB and WR like Nelson Muntz. But, he has an employer. Not since the days of Brian Jordan, Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson have we seen multi-sport professional athletes. So he needs former Toronto Blue Jay Danny Ainge's permission.

And just like that, the world of New England sports keeps on spinning. I'd argue it's improved but I don't want to jump the gun. Let's let the games play out and we can decide at a later date if we're better off now than we were even just yesterday.