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Sweet Monster Truck Show In The Netherlands.... AHHHH Now It's Driving Through The Crowd



Yeah it sucks for everyone who got runover but the rest of the crowd got a great show. I went to a monster truck show a few times when I was a kid and the damn organizers made us sit at such a safe distance it sucked. It was pretty much impossible to get run over. Could barely even feel the roar of the engine. Not really the case here though as they let you sit so close you’re pretty much riding shotgun. I clear more space when I’m dancing than these guys did for the Undertaker. Not even sure I’m exaggerating with that, I tell everyone to backup because I’m about to start grooving/flailing my limbs and it’s possible someone could get hurt but these guys were just like “OK you got the bike racks set up? Great, let it rip Bigfoot!” Lucky they got to see a great performance.



PS – This guy had a pretty hot take too. Might not have been the outrageously close barriers that lead to this, but it was actually the work of God.


Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.42.10 AM