MLB Owners Step Up To The Plate, Pledge $30,000,000 For Part Time Stadium Employees

This pandemic is going to really hurt part time workers.  I blogged this morning about the different ways you can support those in the food industry this morning.  Read that blog here:

Being with Barstool for going on 7 years now, myself and the rest of the Chicago crew has developed a good connection with those in the restaurant/bar industry.  I got on the horn with one of them this morning and am trying to put together something that can help put a few extra bucks in the pockets of servers/bartenders that can't work due to the shut down while also helping people that are old or immunocompromised the shit they need to tough this thing out.  I then sent out the bat signal to see if there'd be any interest:

I got flooded with emails, but this one stuck out to me:

Hey Dave,

I work full-time at United Center, Guaranteed Rate Field, and Wrigley Field as a beer vendor and could use any extra money I can get right now. I’d be happy to help out with delivering food and supplies to the elderly or anyone in need during this tough time. Just let me know what I can do to help and when I can start.


[Name redacted]

This one hit really close to home as someone who loves spending just about all of my time and money at the ballpark in the summer.  

Guys like the dude who emailed me above might not see baseball all summer and they rely on that money.  Shortly after I got the email, Passan dropped this tweet/story on us:

"Motivated by desire to help some of the most valuable members of the baseball community, each club has committed $1 million," MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement given to ESPN.

Boom.  Well done.  The owners pooling together $1,000,000 a pop to help these guys out is huge. There is nothing, NOTHING better than sitting in a ball park and throwing back a bunch of great tasting, less filling Miller Lite on a 90 degree summer day.  Without those day-to-day, behind the scenes employees that serve us beers and brats with grilled onions, that feeling ain't possible.  So good on the owners for helping these guys out.  Hopefully this is the only time they need to step up to the plate and dip into their pockets to help these guys out and baseball is back sooner than later.

PS - this guy works at just about every Chicago stadium, what are the chances he's the beer vendor who looks exactly like Scottie Pippen?