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TBT To The Biggest Brawl In Blackhawks History: The St Patrick's Day Massacre

Old. Time. Hockey. 29 years ago today. Just an absolute blood bath in an era where blood baths were still a somewhat frequent occurance. The game has never been better than it is right now in 2020, but my god if brawls like this don't get your blood pumping then you're dead inside. The names involved from the start reads like a Hall of Fame induction. Roenick, Goulet, Larmer, Brind'Amour, Scott Stevens. Big time stars in their day not opposed to absolutely trading bombs instead of playing hockey. Then right as things die down it's murderers row of names. Peluso, Grimson, Kelly Chase, Dave Manson, Featherstone. Names that still resonate because they put the fear of god into people. Just a different time. If we can't have current highlights because of coronavirus we should indulge in the good ole days when Hawks-Blues games in March meant something. When it meant an all out fucking war. Need that back in my life.