People In New York Are Now Using Craigslist To Get Laid And They're Calling It "Quarantine And Chill"

Source - New Yorkers aren’t letting the pandemic pause their search for love — and coronavirus has made them more committal than ever.

Gone are the days of casual hookups: City dwellers aren’t seeking flings but bunker buddies.

“If it’s end of days we can at least go satisfied, and if we live through it then we have an interesting story to share for the rest of our lives,” reads one Craigslist post for an isolation mate by a 42-year-old business professional who includes their height, weight and that they’re “dd” (drug and disease) free.

“Would love to connect with someone, gather some food, necessities and hide together, we can get to know each other, have some fun while doing it,” writes the Queens-based searcher.

Others are offering up provisions in exchange for love in the time of coronavirus.

“Before we all get put into quarantine let’s live together,” a Bay Ridge-based individual writes in a Craigslist post seeking to quarantine and chill. “I am looking for a live in situation and you can have room rent free. I am very well stocked up on food and beverages.”

While the poster clarifies they’d prefer their new housemate to be their lover, those who are interested but not looking for love should also respond “with a pic.”

My Gawwwwdd is this pathetic. I'm not yucking their yum, but quarantine and chill? Really? I guess in theory it sounds fun- you get all comfy cozy and  snuggle up for a fews days as the world burns outside you window, but it goes against everything you're supposed to do to get this thing to stop. JJO is the name of the game for the next month. Let's take a look at some of the other posts. 

From Queens: 

I'm not going to assume the sexuality of the poster, but "dd free" (drug and disease free) leads me to believe we go to the same church. As does leading with his height and weight. "If it's the end of days we can at least go satisfied, and if we live through it we have an interesting story for the rest of our lives." And that story will be about how you got burnt during the corona scare of 2020 and couldn't get to a clinic because they were all closed. Not a good look for the tribe. 

Another one:

In Bushwick, a “young good looking guy” is seeking “a little quarantine service,” and specifies, “Prefer Latino men, open to attractive.”

Alright I'm over it. Long story short is stop fucking. Scratch that - *stop fucking random people. At least for now. We can pick it back up in a few months. Stay safe, queens.