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A Bunch of Orthodox Jews Held Up A Flight to Israel Demanding People Trade Seats With Them so They Didn't Have to Sit Next To Women




SOURCE – Passengers aboard an El Al flight from New York’s JFK to Israel caused a delay after hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews demanded that other passengers trade places before takeoff, saying they cannot sit next to women. On Tuesday evening, just before the start of the Jewish New Year, thousands of Israeli and Jewish passengers were preparing to fly to the Holy Land, including scores of ultra-Orthodox Jews. On one El Al flight carrying a large group religious Jews prior to Rosh Hashanah, travelers refused to sit next to other female passengers prior to the takeoff. The tactic not only delayed the flight, but also went onto cause chaos on board. ‘People stood in the aisles and refused to go forward,’ said Amit Ben-Natan, a passenger who was on board the plane.  ‘It was an 11-hour long nightmare,’ one of the passengers said.  Many passengers have reported that after takeoff a large portion of the travelers took to the aisles to pray which causing them to become crowded and flight attendants unable to serve drinks or distribute meals.  ‘I went to the bathroom and it was a mission impossible, the noise was endless,’ Galit said.


Listen here you fucking nutjobs: if you want to fly on a plane, you follow the goddamn rules. It’s that simple. I don’t care what your religion is: unless it involves giving out sandwiches and neck massages, sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and spend the next however many hours fantasizing about stopping any potential terrorists that might be on board and becoming an international hero. That’s the standard operating procedure, now get in line. You don’t want to sit next to a woman? I don’t want to sit next to the bearded religious nutjob, and furthermore no one wants to be on this plane period. Buy the whole row when you get your ticket if it’s that important, but if you wing it don’t stand in the aisle and haggle over trading seats for hours on end like a bunch of goddamn gypsies.

“Oh, but it’s their religion! They’re super orthodox and follow the Jewish tradition to the greatest extent! They should be free to do that!” Yeah, well they’re also hurtling through the skies at 600 mph in a metal tube powered by jet engines with the equivalent of about 100,000 horsepower, so go ahead and get the fuck outta my face with that argument. You want to be a hyper religious asshole when you travel because you do everything like your people did 3,000 years ago? Fine. Build an ark and do it there.


PS: In fairness, it’s absolutely insane to fly to Israel on Rosh Hashanah if you aren’t super Jewish.