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I’m So Sick Of Everybody Saying Last Night Was the Perfect Ending to Jeter’s Career




So social media collectively cummed themselves last night when Jeter got the game winning hit in his last AB at Yankee Stadium in his life. Just an endless stream of everybody saying it was the picture perfect ending to his career. That only Jeter could script something like that. Even Yankee Manzo returned from the twitter graveyard to chirp about it. Umm am I the only one that fails to see the fact that Jeter’s last game in pinstripes was meaningless is the exact opposite of a perfect ending? Everybody called me a curmudgeon and a hater when I brought this fact up,but it’s the truth. Don’t hate me because I’m the lone voice of reason. Listen there is only 1 reason Jeter is a legend and that’s because of this rings. It’s the play he made against the A’s in the playoffs. It’s performing under the bright lights of October. That’s what made Jeter Jeter. So him ending his career playing in meaningless baseball games is far from perfect. Yeah it was the best outcome that could have happened last night, but give me a break about this being a storybook ending. No fucking way. A walk off single in a meaningless baseball game is not a Jeter storybook ending.


PS – For the record I’m not a Jeter hater.   I respect him.  I just don’t love him.  I just don’t care about him retiring.  I just refuse to open my mouth and let the Yankees, ESPN and MLB shove his cock down my mouth.  I won’t do it.  He had a great career.  Let the Yankees celebrate him all they want.   I just don’t get why other teams fans give a shit especially Red Sox fans.   I mean look at this video from Cityside last night.  You’d think the Sox won the World Series.  Nope just fucking Jeter with a meaningless single in a meaningless baseball game.  Bizarro world.


[kaltura-video id=1183]