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New Episode of KFC Radio Featuring Bert Kreischer Now Available On Youtube For All The Quarantined Viewers At Home

Please subscribe to the KFC Radio channel. We'll be dropping full episodes on youtube for free for the duration of the Quarantine so please in return just give the subscribe button a little clicky click.

Bert interview begins at 50:40

While doctors and nurses and scientists all do their part to actually help people through this weird, weird time, we are trying to do a little bit extra since so many people are gonna have way way more time on their hands than usual. So since its like we are back to the 2012 Barstool days, we're gonna put our full episodes back on Youtube for everyone to watch. You can watch it on the big screen by streaming to your television, pop it on your laptop or tablet, or watch on your phone if you're on the go. Our episode today is featuring Bert Kreischer, who is truly, genuinely, pound for pound the best guest we've ever had. The amount of time he gave us and the amount of material that came out of his interview and his ATI is a fucking podcaster's dream come true. He truly is a Machine, when it comes to boozing and work. Nobody better in the business. 

Check out his new special Hey Big Boy on Netflix right now, and be on the lookout for his Answer The Internet tonight: Subscribe to the ATI Youtube here


How Joe Rogan and Bill Burr changed Bert Kreischer's life and career. The collaboration from those west coast comics and podcasters is so goddam awesome. I dream of that here on the east coast:

The time Bert Kreischer thought Elliot Gould wanted to have sex with him: