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Coronavirus Officially Delays Black Widow, Will It Hit Disney+?

And there it is, the biggest shoe to drop in all of this. While it might not be the most anticipated movie of the bunch (according to Fandango it was), Disney and Marvel buckling and not releasing one of their prized MCU movies is a pretty big deal. With AMC and Regal shutting down their theaters for well over a month, they had no choice. 'Black Widow' was slated to be released on May 1st and now has no release date.

Here's the biggest question: will it hit Disney+?

My guess is no, but this news may put a little bit of pressure on Disney...

Disney is also delaying these 21st Century Studios properties, which seem more likely to end up on a streaming platform like Hulu...

With 'Black Widow' in position to make at least close to a BILLION at the box office, just dumping it on their Disney+ platform seems unlikely. Would you pay a little more money to see the movie? $19.99, especially if you're in a big city, seems like a decently fair price I think. It remains to be seen, but I just can't see Disney or Marvel doing this, especially with their other projects all get delayed in the production process.

The next shoe to drop is likely 'Wonder Woman 1984', which would fall into the "12 weeks" range that AMC and Regal have put out with their closure announcements. Other movies in danger would be 'SCOOB!', 'The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run' and 'Candyman'. Regardless, one thing is clear, no new movies in theaters for the foreseeable future.