In Honor Of St. Patrick's Day Here Is The Nastiest Mix Tape Ever Created

Ever since Tom Brady decided to steal St. Patrick's Day and leave the Pats which just feels mean, we need something that will both lift our spirits AND take this day back. To do this the only thing we can really do is find some sort of Celtics content to fight such a harsh reality. If we're being honest the only thing that can even come close to achieving this tall order is some Larry Legend. We need something to help turn this disaster of a day into something that's still mostly terrible but had 10 minutes of positivity and the ultimate Larry Bird Mixtape is just that thing. 

Since we're all in quarantine I imagine you were already planning on getting plastered today in the confines of your home/apartment to celebrate the festivities. If you're a masshole it's going to be a lot more sad drinking than happy drinking but maybe throw a few back in honor of one of the greatest Celts to ever do it. Bring some positivity back to this wonderful holiday. Think of the good times, and if you're having trouble with that maybe just watch this on repeat until your eyes bleed. Usually works for me