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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Parking Attendant Charged With Stealing $89,000 In Change?


SOURCE – A parking attendant had admitted stealing $89,000 by pocketing an estimated 356,000 quarters from meters he was being paid to empty over a five year period. Jeffrey Daday, 35, from Brewster, NY, was tasked with collecting the proceeds of meters in the village of Mount Kisco and delivering them to the local council office. But a police surveillance team were stunned to see the burly parking attendant emptying meters before heading straight to a bank to deposit the coins in his account. Daday pleaded guilty to charges of second-degree grand larceny and first-degree offering a false instrument for filing in Westchester County Court in White Plains, NY. He faces a potential jail term of 15 years. There is no minimum sentence for the crime for first time offenders in New York. Police were called to investigate after council officials realised tens thousands of dollars had gone missing over the five-year period. Officers swooped as Daday left the bank and arrested him on suspicion of depositing the coins into his own personal bank account.


Is this money not built into parking attendants’ salaries? Of course these guys are gonna steal straight from the meters.  Who can really blame them? All day they’ve got to listen to that sweet siren song of quarters and dimes jangling in the backseat as they go meter to meter, and they’re supposed to just resist? I know that parking attendants truly are a bunch of heroes right alongside firefighters and our troops overseas, but they’re still only human. What man wouldn’t grab a handful of change here and there for a coffee or some McDonald’s or to start a nice little yearly $18,000 bonus for himself? These guys aren’t monks for God’s sake; they’re a bunch of tough sons of bitches that get the job done grinding, patrolling the streets day in and day out. Ever seen The Wire? Basically the same exact thing.

Besides, if a man steals 90 grand that’s all in change, did he really steal any money at all? I say no. Coins are for Canadians, people from the 1600s, and Scrooge McDuck; it’s not real money in 2014. If Jeffrey Daday wants to take it, just let him have it. Maybe even tip him for hauling that useless shit away. What’s the alternative? Keep putting your coins in a jar in your bedroom telling yourself that you’ll take it to CoinStar one day and never actually doing it? Let Jeffrey live.