Devonte Graham Hyping Up His Own College Highlights Is The Correct Way To Quarantine

Day 6 of no sports? A problem for most, but not all. Simply just go back in time and watch your own highlights of you dominating Texas on their senior night and calling out Buddy Hield for paying off the officials. Couple your own tapes with the fact that Devonte' is very clearly taking full advantage of the NBA saying they are not drug testing during the Coronavirus Quarantine and I don't think this man cares at all if he ever has to work another day in his life. Just keep running back the hits while taking hit after hit after hit. Hornets aren't in the playoffs right now so if the proposal going around that the League is going to jump right into postseason play then Devonte doesn't even have to consider leaving his couch for a smooth six months at least. And for a guy who played all four years at Kansas? He's got plenty of material to last him through at least August. Hopefully this sparks a trend and everyone will go back to reliving these glory days with accompanying voiceovers. I, for one, wouldn't complain if Melo broke down every tournament game and exactly what was going through his 18-year old mind as he was handing out bucket after bucket.