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The Video Interview With The Man Who Has 100 Orgasms A Day Is The Best Video On The Internet





Whole thing had me in hysterics. Just like I said, it’s an absolute hell cumming 100 times a day. Poor guy is stuck out there on the frisbee golf course, dropping to his knees in ecstasy while his wife is out working two jobs to provide for the family. Dude can’t hang out with his stupid kids because lord knows cumming your pants while playing patty cake with your daughter is the stuff nightmares are made of. Hell, he can’t even have sex with his ugly wife because his entire life is just one big orgasm so he doesn’t know when sex is over. It’s a hell. A hell of chilling with your boys on the links, popping a few cold ones and not worrying what your stupid kids are up to. Oh and giving your dead dad a facial, that part still sucks too.



PS – Now that all that is out of the way this is totally fake, right? Guy is cumming all over Wisconsin and the only news station doing a story on it is from England? Fishy. Very, very fishy.