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High School Girl Who Posted A Picture Of Her Blowing A Dude in Front Of A Crowd Is Going Viral And Loving Every Second Of It





Buzzfeed – “On Monday, an obscene photo was posted to Instagram captioned “It’s milk guys I promise.” The photo then ended up on the Subreddit r/trashy. By Monday morning, the post became so popular it reached the front page of Reddit.



So Pres asked me to come out of retirement and blog this since i’m the only one young enough to talk about this without sounding like a complete creep. As far as  I’m concerned this Ally chick is no different than every other high school and college girl on instagram, fiening followers and thirsty for likes. Only difference being is that Ally has the balls and willingness to do what it takes to take her game to the next level. Instagram is a dog eat dog world now a days, especially for highschoolers. There’s only so many sunset pictures, and pictures with “your (babies,girlies,lovies,bffls,)” you can take before you get categorized as a basic betch and stop getting those double taps girls so deeply covet. Ally here, like any good pioneer, recognized this, adapted (posted a picture of her blowing a dude in front of a bunch of other kids) and as a result, has become an internet sensation and now has 26 thousand instagram followers and counting which is basically the equivalent to crack for a highschool girl. According to her twitter she got suspended from school over the incident which im sure only further infuriates all the other popular chicks at her high school because does not only is she getting all the attention, she gets a vacation on top of it and gets to sit at her house chainsmoking blunts all day while refreshing her instagram and look at that follower count like












PS – She might be on to something here