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Michigan Continues To Embarrass Me By Giving Away Football Tickets With The Purchase of A Coke


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These are not great days to be a Michigan Man. A once proud tradition essentially reduced to the laughing stock of college football. As if getting trounced by Notre Dame wasn’t bad enough. As if getting trounced by Utah wasn’t bad enough. Now this. The ultimate indignation. Giving away tickets with the purchase of a coca cola in the Student Union. Who are we BC? We’re MICHIGAN for christ sakes! Figure it the fuck out! And I love Michigan athletic department saying it was a misunderstanding after getting crucified for it on the internet. This was no misunderstanding. This is what Michigan has become. A god damn joke. Who the fuck wants to go to Michigan vs. Minnesota anyway?

PS – As much as it pains me to admit it I still like Brady Hoke. I also liked Rich Rod. I think Rich Rod got fired before he got a chance to fully implement his system and I think the same thing could be happening to Hoke. Or he may just suck. I don’t know anymore. I think we at least need to let him have a prototypical drop back passer. Go back to big Michigan QBs who can throw it over mountains. Enough of this scrambling guys who suck.


This is pretty much I feel right now regarding Michigan football…