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Seattle Bar Owner Pours All His Pabst Down the Drain Because He Refuses To Support Putin



Mynorthwest - For the past 25 years, Seattle’s popular 5 Spot restaurant has served Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap. But after owner Peter Levy read Friday morning the brewer of the iconic beer had sold it to a Russian company, he said ‘nyet’ from now on. Levy was out on the sidewalk of his Queen Anne eatery Friday, pouring all of his Pabst on hand down the drain. “I just don’t want to pad Putin’s pockets. My guess is that for every beer we sell, a penny would end up in Vlad’s pocket,” he tells KIRO Radio. “It’s just a very small statement from a very small man about how I want to run my company and how I want to represent myself to my community.” “What’s more All-American than apple pie and Pabst Blue Ribbon? And the [expletive deleted] Russians own it now.”

I love salty old timers like Peter Levy. Guys like him are what keeps America strong. Like everybody is talking about how mad they are that Pabst got sold to the Russians. Me included. Talk, talk, talk talk. Not Peter Levy. While we’re talking he’s literally out on the street pouring all his Pabst down the drain. Just throwing high cheese right at Putins chin. Hey Russia you think you’re gonna make a penny off Peter Levy?  Think again.   He didn’t kill 100 Nazi’s to make Putin rich.