A Prince's $65M Yacht Capsized And There Are Two Schools Of Thought On Whether We Should Feel Bad About It

When it comes to Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman there are, as Chaps would say, 'Two schools of thought': 

School 1 - "He's a fun guy! Wonderful, great fella. And I'm not just saying that because I'm scared of him 'cause there's no reason to be! ha ha!"

School 2 -  "I heard he is not a fun guy at all in any way and that he's a little murdery. But that's just, like, what I heard, so I'm not saying I feel that way and I never would. Not because I'm scared of him or anything either ha ha but because I just would never speculate like that. Not my style ha ha!"

But hey, whatever school you fall into we can all agree that you just hate, and I mean HATE to see it...

Making this even worse? There ~may~ have been a "missing" $450M Da Vinci painting on that boat. 

From a Quartz story in June 2019:

Since Salvator Mundi, a painting of a placid-looking Christ by Leonardo da Vinci (we think), fetched $450 million at Christie’s in New York, it has remained at the centre of a Soderbergh-style drama. Indeed, the work had been missing for the better part of two years, but was revealed yesterday (June 10) to be living on the yacht of Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS), per anonymous sources…

Wild. I feel like some people might feel that Salman has reached an 'evil guy in the movies' level of nefarious activity? Like it genuinely wouldn't surprise them if he had a tank of ill tempered sea bass with laser beams strapped to their heads somewhere on his compound in which he dunked his enemies. But again, not for me to say. Not gonna speculate. Never will. 

Thankfully no dock workers were injured regarding the capsizing, and all the water in that $65M yacht is probably just a drop in the bucket since his family is worth a cool $1.4 TRILLION. Even the painting, if it really was onboard, wouldn't make much of a dent to them if it got ruined. 

Still, some say that if they were the company that accidentally capsized that thing.. they would just start running & never look back. Not that anything bad would happen to them, just for the sake of casual running purposes.