Bill Self Is All For Polls To Determine The National Champ Just This One Year, Even With Asterisks, Because 'No One Had A Better Year Than Us'

[Source] - “Nobody in America had a better season than we did,” Self told reporters in a teleconference on Monday.

“This would be the one particular year that I’m all for it without question, but I don’t even put any wishful thinking into that because that’s not the way this is all intended to be,” Self said. “Even if that occurred, which I don’t believe it will, there would be a huge asterisk on both sides of it and I’d be the first to admit that.”

I guess it makes sense considering Bill Self hasn't won the title in 12 years. Might as well get one with an asterisk. Listen, I get that he was baited into this answer a bit. But it's hilarious that he started the answer with 'this one particular year, I'm all for it!' Of course you are Bill! You're the No. 1 seed heading into the NCAA Tournament. Why wouldn't you be all for the cheap title? 

Also the whole 'nobody in America had a better season than we did' is quite the debate. Is Kansas the favorite entering the Tournament? Sure! But they split with Baylor. They went to overtime in the one-game scenario with Dayton. We don't know if they win the Big 12 Tournament. What if they lose in the quarters or semis there? 

If you're a Kansas fan you want nothing to do with this asterisk title. There was a Tournament every year since 1939, you can't be the only ones to receive a college hoops title off of polls. Then again, your year started off with stripper poles, Snoop Dogg and fake money at recruits, so you probably want to continue to get weird. What's the NCAA going to do? Take away your fake title? The NCAA would 100% take away the fake title. 

I'm so mad we don't get to see a mid-major kid pull up from the wing for three as a dagger to Kansas.