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Times Square Looks Like An Absolute Ghost Town Right Now

Well...I'll be damned, people actually might be listening and staying home! Would you look at that! I know that visual might look super eerie and depressing like some I Am Legend or Vanilla Sky scene, but it's a good thing all things considered. We're actually engaging in social distancing ourselves. People actually stayed home from work and abided by the CDC's plan. 

Oh and for any asshole who says they see people in the distance in that picture, just think about how Times Square normally looks. This honestly isn't even a busy snap shot of what it looks like when it's slammed. Still a crazy difference though. 

It's a miracle enough people listened to the warnings today to get Times Square that empty. Stay home and self-quarantine folks. It's going to suck for the next two months, but it's the only way we're going to become a society again in the summer. Otherwise we're just all going to get sick. Fuck you Florida. What the hell are you doing? 

I will say the tournament challenge ad on the side made me depressed. Tomorrow night we should be watching the opening play in games for March Madness. Instead we've got Chile soccer kicking off right now.