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Beyonce Caught Photoshopping Her Instagram and Tumblr Pictures Yet Again



DM – She has already been faced with accusations of altering her Tumblr pictures in the past few months. And fans have once again pounced on a new image of Beyonce which seems to indicate that the singer has been doctoring her pictures before sharing them online. The singer had wowed fans across the world with her latest uploads, which saw her posing on the private super yacht that she spent her 33rd birthday on earlier this month. But eager eyed fans soon pointed out a questionable distortion in one image which seems to suggest the singer had tampered with her pictures in order to create the appearance of slimmer thighs. However, the stairs between her thighs tilt up in a diagonal angle which seems to confirm that the picture has been touched up with an additional tool before being uploaded to her Tumblr page.


This is so Beyonce it hurts. First she lip sync’s the National Anthem and then she photoshops her thighs.  Is anything legit with this chick?   Like I said from the beginning she’s the biggest fraud in the game no questions asked. Just so tries so hard to be sexy even though she’s not. Dances way too hard. Makes way too many super weird facial expressions that make my dick shrivel. So obviously she photoshops her thigh gap No brainer city.


You know who doesn’t photoshop herself though? You know who keeps it real in the Instagram streets? Rihanna that’s who. Check her latest IG post. Ohhhhh kill em Rihanna….