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Contestants on Big Brother Canada, Germany and Brazil Are Completely Unaware That There Is a Global Pandemic Happening With The Outside World

The Guardian

Some of the last people in the world to find out about the rapid spread of Covid-19 are a group of 14 men and women sitting in a house in Cologne, western Germany, where they are competing in the country’s 13th season of the reality TV show Big Brother. The majority of the housemates have been in isolation since 6 February, when news of the novel coronavirus was only just trickling out of Wuhan in China. Since then, they have been cut off from updates from the outside world, except once, when the show introduced four more housemates on 6 March, three days before Germany would report its first death from the virus.

There is a global pandemic happening right now that is affecting virtually everyone that is alive and yet Big Brother Canada, Brazil, and Germany have refused to tell their contestants what's happening. The whole premise of the show, for those unaware, is that these people are completely isolated from the rest of the world with no outside communication whatsoever. No news gets in. Well, it looks like the show execs might be taking the "no news, is good news" concept a little too far. No one on the show has any idea the world is suffering from the coronavirus. The only thing that would cause the players to know anything would be if a family member gets sick. That's it. That is fucking insanity. 

The show’s producers, for the TV channel Sat.1, defended the decision not to update the housemates on the crisis going on in the outside world, telling the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung that the information blackout would only be lifted in certain circumstances, such as a family member’s illness. They also pointed to “special hygiene measures” taken to protect residents themselves from infection, though did not explain what those measures entailed.

I guess this shouldn't be that big of a surprise with how Big Brother America handled 9/11....

In 2001, the producers of the American edition of Big Brother had to interrupt the show’s second season to tell the final three contestants about 9/11. Even then, the decision to break the news was only prompted by the fact that one housemate had a relative missing in the aftermath of the attacks.

Apparently the German show is being told LIVE on tomorrow night's show. How do we watch German Big Brother because that is now appointment television. Imagine if they knew this is what Italy looked like right now and you were basically holding them captive? 

Canada's show looks like is being told today after they wondered why there was no longer a live audience for their evictions (video at the top of the blog). I mean it's just insane that this is going on. I thought it was fake when I first read it. How idiotic could these show runners possibly be? The whole fucking sports world literally just stopped in something we have never seen before, but Big Brother Canada must go on! New York City is about to completely shut down. The stock market is in shambles, but no we have to find out who Head of Household is! What is happening? This is straight up evil by the show execs. 

This sounds like the script for a horror show or movie. You enter a show where you're isolated from the outside world and while you're in there the world ends. They walk outside after the show ends and it looks like I Am Legend. 

Anything for some good reality TV!