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Brock Holt Lived With Joe Kelly This Spring And Busted Out A Different Dance Move On His Security Camera Every Morning

I'll always love the Red Sox, but I don't think I'l ever forgive them for not re-signing Brock Holt. Just, what a human. Across the board, what a human.

Late in the offseason, the Milwaukee Brewers signed Holt to a one-year deal, which means that spring training would no longer be in Florida for the utility player. It would now be in Arizona...which is also the spring training home of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers...the team that signed former Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly a year ago. Naturally, one 2018 World Series champion helped out the other 2018 World Series champion, as the Kelly family took in Brock as one of their own.

Shout out to Joe and Ashley Kelly for taking our beloved and homeless Brock in off the streets, giving him a warm bed, clean drinking water and a front porch to twerk on. And stop me if I sound ungrateful here after already getting the security cam footage, but I need more. I need a full blown reality TV show that documents Brock's time living with the Kelly's. You wanna grow the game? That's how you do it right there. Brock. Joe. Ashley. Griff. Knox. Camera crew. Magic.