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OFF-SEASON CHAMPS ONCE AGAIN!!! The Browns Have Just Made Austin Hooper The Highest Paid Tight-End In The NFL

BOOOOM!!! There's no debating that in today's NFL, the tight end is an essential, if not the most important, position. Think about recent Super Bowl Champions and who their tight ends were. Kelce, Gronk, Ertz, and Gronk. You cannot win without a stud tight end. And we just STOLE the #1 TE in the game??? The rich get richer, baby! Say what you want, but who else in the NFL can boast THIS on the offensive side of the ball?

Quarterback: Baker Mayfield (NFL rookie record for TD passes) -- 24 years old

Running back 1: Nick Chubb (1494 yards and 2nd overall last year) -- 24 years old

Running back 2: Kareem Hunt (former NFL rushing champ) -- 24 years old

Wide Receiver 1: Odell Beckham Jr. (3x Pro-Bowler) -- 27 years old

Wide Receiver 2: Jarvis Landry (5x Pro-Bowler) -- 27 years old

Tight End: Austin Hooper (2x Pro-Bowler and the BEST tight-end in the game, according to Ian Rapoport) -- 25 years old

And we still have Njoku (23 years old) right now too? Oh my goodness. This team is going to redefine what it means to play offense in the NFL for the next decade.

And yeah I know we still don't have an O-Line, but we're going to take an Offensive Tackle with our 1st pick in the draft. Who cares about that right now though. Jesus, just look at those weapons. You could supply the military with all of those big guns. The Browns might average 50 points per game this year.


Did we overpay on this……? Highest paid TE? I will admit, I didn't know Austin Hooper was "the top player at his position". Thanks for that recognition though, Rap. Hope you're right.