Cameroon Is Arresting Male Hairdressers and Guys Who Drink Bailey's Under Suspicion of Being Gay


SOURCE – A human rights lawyer has described the horrendous treatment experienced by gay people in Cameroon – where drinking a Baileys could put you in prison. Michel Togue, a Cameroonian lawyer, said he had defended dozens of gay people but few were ever caught in the act. Mr Togue, speaking to the ThinkProgress blog, said the African country uses gender stereotypes to convict gay individuals. Homosexuality is banned in Cameroon and since 1972 has carried a prison sentence of five years. In one instance, a client of Mr Togue’s was convicted for his feminine mannerisms and drinking Bailey’s Irish Cream – a choice which the judge felt was a woman’s drink. He says police rely on gender stereotypes to arrests suspected gay individuals, with people arousing suspicion for being – for example – a male hairdresser.


Another day, another instance of Cameroon showing the world why they’re one of the most advanced, best nations on the planet. Oh wait, it’s the exact opposite. Arresting male hairdressers on suspicion of being gay is totally backwards. If you’re a male who identifies your profession as a hairdresser, you need to be gay. If I walk into a hair salon, you can bet your ass that I expect to walk out of there with my hair looking absolutely fabulous: that’s the domain of gay dudes. It may not be fair but certain people are better at certain things, and there’s no way a straight can replicate the results that a gay can produce. It’s a basic law of the universe. Barbers are old school straight dudes and black guys; hairdressers are gay guys. The system works.

As for the Bailey’s thing, I remember it being written about on Barstool before, but there’s just nothing worse than the tough guy alcohol hardo. “Oh you like Bailey’s? You want a side of dick with that!?” I’m gonna drink what the fuck I want to drink, k? If that happens to be bourbon, I’ll drink bourbon. If it happens to be whipped cream vodka, I’ll drink whipped cream vodka. You sitting there making fun of other people’s delicious alcoholic beverages of choice while you’re choking down some scotch that you hate because you think it makes you look cool actually makes it look like you probably weep as you masturbate yourself to sleep. Quit it with the overcompensating, too cool for school act, grab a mojito, and hop on into the alcohol that actually tastes good pool. The water’s great.